Área: Administrativas y Comerciales

Program Features

  • Postgrado
  • Presencial
  • Inicio de clases: 16 de octubre
  • 48 meses
  • Lima, Perú
  • Sa 8:30 a.m. a 2:15 p.m.


The Doctoral Program in Management Sciences is oriented to people with proven interest in research and teaching, as well as with interest in contributing towards knowledge in the area of general administration.

The program is aimed at developing high-level professionals, capable of coping with the imminent challenges present in the revolution of knowledge.

For admission purposes, candidates are required to hold the Master's degree in Research in Management Sciences from ESAN, and to prove knowledge of English at an advanced level, as well as relevant professional experience in company areas that will accredit a general understanding of businesses.

The doctoral phase corresponds to a time of organized research during which students write their doctoral theses over a period of 2 1/2 years under a part-time scheme. This phase consists of the following: 

  • Lective period: two doctoral seminars equivalent to 3 academic credits each and one seminar on the development of teaching skills equivalent to 4 credits. 
  • Attendance to colloquia and academic congresses in order to present doctoral thesis progress at three academic events. 3 academic credits are awarded for participation in each colloquium and 4 credits for each congress. A total of 10 credits is required from participation in these academic events. 
  • The doctoral thesis comprises the phase of proposal submission and approval, equivalent to 12 credits, the thesis writing phase divided into two thesis progress reports consisting of 10 credits each, and the nal dissertation, equivalent to 12 credits. 
  • According Peruvian regulations in order to get the doctoral degree is necessary to accredit the domain of a third language.


This program enables students to initiate and conduct empirical and theoretical research in the field of Business Administration and Management with emphasis on the Latin American context.

The Master's degree program contributes to develop adequate research capacity regarding the academic environment and the organizational world.

This program represents a special effort from ESAN in order to provide PhD professionals capable of contributing to the scientific and business community with scientific rigor, which has attracted the interest of students from various neighboring countries.

¿A quién está dirigido?

First Doctoral Program for working people.

  • Part-time studies organized in 5-day intensive periods from Wednesday to Sunday. 
  • Learning environment of high academic quality adapted to the instrumental needs of participants. 
  • Faculty consisting of qualified researchers with active professional experience and ability to supervise applied scientific research. 
  • Participants are able to specialize in teaching, consultancy or research applied to the area of business administration.