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Maestría en Project Management (English)

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Current market dynamism and the companies that drive it give rise to an increasing need to manage multiple projects at once. As a result, at the Management level it is crucial to know the status of a company’s projects at all times, the scope of the projects the company is considering carrying out and the results of the projects that have been completed. The best way for businesses to do this is by ensuring the quality, skills and abilities of their Project Managers.

The Master in Project Management is designed to train students so that they obtain the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. These professionals should know how to lead, plan, organize and supervise complex and global projects, achieving set objectives in terms of results and efficiency.


  • Manage complex projects efficiently and effectivel
  • Lead teams through developing leadership skills and techniques for managing human and material resources
  • Align the current needs of companies in project management with education in best market practices
  • Start your preparation for the PMP certification from the PMI, with the help and expertise of our team of teachers, who hold the PMP certification.