Área: Humanidades, Idiomas y Artísticas

Español para extranjeros

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  • Presencial
  • Inscripción desde: 4 de setiembre
  • Inicio de clases: 4 de octubre
  • 18 meses
  • La Molina, Lima
  • L-V


Take spanish courses in La Molina University and enjoy our university lifestyle, beautiful campus with gardens and sun all year -round. Be part of our community and get engaged in the cultural activities that take place on campus.

Classes are taught individually and are fully customized adapted to ypur specific needs. Before the beginning of the course, your spanish level will be determined together wuth the course tiemtable. We are very flexible regarding your time availability, so during the course changes can be easily made together in accordance with your private teacher. The minimun number of hours required to satrt the course is 20.